[Haiku] Eliza Kane

sleeping by myself
curled up like a question mark
come and answer me


The news is getting really weird.

Is he cute…or does he just have a beard?

These are questions we need to start asking ourselves (via jeniphyer)

…. you’ve got a point.

Shit. They figured it out.

We have no other words to use. We know they don’t count but we lay them against the abyss anyway…
Anne Carson, The Economy of the Unlost (via mttbll)

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Some guy on the street just told me to ‘put a smile on that pretty face’ so I lifted both corners of my mouth with two middle fingers.

Get out.

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JD, if someone was to make you a homemade vegan nerds rope, what flavor would you want your gummy rope?

[user avatar] johndarnielle:

very tough question for a guy to whom “fruit flavors” is basically a magic phrase opening onto vistas of deep ecstasies


The Balance, Megan Falley

There were days when it looked like love,
especially if you turned down the volume.
But even if you didn’t.
Bus rides asleep on each other’s
shoulders, sharing an ear-bud
plugged into a song
as if sharing a secret.

Afternoons where we stayed in
our pajamas and played video games
after he bought us twin bodega sandwiches
and remembered mine without the meat.

And while I look back
on the memories with equal, if not more
repulsion, I know that I wasn’t an idiot
to stay. That my heart invented
its own verb which meant To Love
The Dog Who Licks The Scar It Gave You.

On a dirty bar couch on Valentine’s Day
he said I would fight with you every morning
if it meant I could kiss you at night and at the time
it didn’t sound like the Codependent National Anthem
or a vending machine where you put in fury
and get out passion

or even like the things I read now
in pamphlets—the ones I thrust upon other women
like my own righteous gospel—

it sounded like the sweetest thing
he’d ever said to me. A poem
I could fold real small and carry
around in my locket, not noticing, for months
how it also kind of