A signal, half-static, fading with dawn.

This is your periodic reminder that yes, the cast of Star Trek TNG were actually all best friends behind the scenes, and in fact still are to this day, and no shut up you’re crying.

Indians have neither the intelligence, the industry, the moral habits, nor the desire of improvement which are essential to any favorable change in their condition. Established in the midst of another and a superior race, and without appreciating the causes of their inferiority or seeking to control them, they must necessarily yield to the force of circumstances, and, ere long, disappear.

Andrew Jackson in December 1833, as quoted by Toni Morrison in 1975 (via Daniel).

Dear Americans,

This man is on your fucking money. What the ever-living shit is wrong with you.


The best part [about being a 20something] is that you’re still defining yourself in a major way and there’s so much room for discovery and growth. The worst part is that you think you know what you’re doing in the moment, but realize later you are an idiot.



This is my 3,000th Tumblr post. I feel good about it.

If a young woman in middle school or high school hangs up a poster of Barack Obama in her room, this is seen as acceptable. It’s fine for women to admire men and want to be like them.

If a young man (the same age) hangs up a poster of Hillary Clinton in his room, this is seen as odd (maybe even troubling, is he gay? Oh no!).

Society tells us young men can’t think of women as role models, unless they’re a family member, whereas young women can admire and seek to emulate anyone, regardless of gender.

If you’re a young man, and if you have a poster on your wall with a woman, she had better be half-naked in a bikini, even if the Ronald Reagan or Gen. Patton poster next to it obviously features the man fully-clothed.

Young men are not to taught to think of women as role models. They are taught to think of them as either family members or sexual objects. There is no other category presented.


what real mens activists look like (see more here)

My strategy of pre-emptively antagonizing anyone who might possibly have an interest in acquiring or funding the site has worked wonderfully. In five years, I haven’t received a single email from an investor or potential acquirer. The closest I came was a few months ago, when the new Delicious owners reached out to me about providing “vision”, but I think they were just unfamiliar with my oeuvre. They learned quickly.
I have such a crush on Maciej Cegłowski it’s embarrassing.
We really have tapped into this feeling that you are not defined by your physical presence. In Night Vale, you can have an elementary-school girl who is inside the hand of a Russian sailor—and it’s accepted, and it’s cherished and treasured. And even though we don’t necessarily wear our politics on our sleeves in Night Vale that often, I feel we are trying to model the world that we want to live in, where people are judged by the quality of their character and by their actions, and not by what they look like or what they sound like.

Over the weekend, I noticed I’d hit 500 followers. Tonight, I realized I’m approaching 3,000 Tumblr posts. And it turns out I started using this blog exactly six years ago today. That’s roughly three posts every two days for 20% of my life.

I don’t know how I feel about this odd little milestone, but I do know how to do basic arithmetic.


new girl + facial expressions